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Even on zoom these questions apply for your, and other participant's safety and privacy.

Please have your camera on, and mute if you are in a noisy enviroment.

What should I wear?

Close fitting, comfortable clothing is recommended. The hall can be a little cool, so wear layers and I prefer it if you wear socks. Please dress appropriately for a mixed class - men should wear cycling type shorts under baggy shorts for example, and women appropriate underwear. Dress like your mother is doing the class!


What do I need to bring?

Please make sure you bring water and if you have asthma, bring your inhaler.


How big are the classes?

Classes are a maximum of 10 people.


I am pregnant, can I come to class?

My classes are based on traditional Pilates which involves a lot of lying down. This is not recommended after 15 weeks, so I recommend 1-1 sessions or specialised pregnancy Pilates or Yoga.


I don't want to pay for a block, can I drop in?

I am afraid that drop ins are not permitted as continuity is essential, for you and the others in the class.


How do I pay?

I use an online booking system called Actuity. 


How often should I come?

Simply put, as much as possible, but at least try and come on a weekly basis. I don't work miracles - you need to try and be committed to improving your body and that is helped by regular attendance.


Is it good to do other exercise too?

It is always good to do some other exercise too - what you do depends on your preferences.



"The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power."

Joseph Pilates

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