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It can be very beneficial to have private sessions, in order to address specific isssues and to achieve your goals more quickly. I have a studio equipped with specialised apparatus that can assist you in developing strength. Joseph Pilates invented his apparatus in order to help prepare the body for the matwork exercises - which are challenging.


This is ideal for those who can't make a beginners class, need more specialised training or want to focus on enhancing their fitness for sport, dance or gymnastics for example.


My clients include older people, those with injuries, people who want a bespoke workout, athletic conditioning and so on.


An initial assessment costs £45 and a block of 5 £150



Custom Classes

I also offer classes to specialised groups, such as businesses or families. These can be held either on zoom, your office or a convenient venue.


I charge £60 per hour for a maximum of 10 people. These classes are usually run in 6 week courses.


Contact me to make an appointment or for more information

“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.”


Joseph Pilates

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Live, breathe, stretch, strengthen
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